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Inspiring closer connections with nature!

Co-founded in 2003 by Dr. Carl Safina and Mercédès Lee, the Blue Ocean Institute is a conservation organization that uses science, art, and literature in their goal to inspire people to make better choices on behalf of the sea. The Institute studies how the oceans are changing and how people’s behaviors are impacting these changes. Their programs educate us as to why we should protect our planet’s life-giving ocean and provide hope, guidance, and encouragement. Dr. Safina is a scientist/author and recipient of many awards including the Pew Scholar’s Award in Conservation and Environment. His PBS series Saving the Ocean premiered in April and his work has been featured in The New York Times and on Nightline. Mercédès Lee is a former board member of the Marine Stewardship Council and authored the Seafood Lover’s Almanac.

Ocean loving baby boomer families appreciate new ways to connect with and protect our grand oceans and the life within them. The Blue Ocean Institute’s magnificent website provides opportunities to do exactly that. Boomers can enjoy the miraculous voyage of ocean life through programs which include Sea Ethic to help people understand how the ocean supports all life on our planet via lectures, media appearances, books, and published essays and articles. The Seafood program shows consumers the connection between a healthy ocean, fishing, and sustainable seafood – our choices do make a difference. The Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood evaluates species life history, abundance in the wild, habitat concerns, and catch method or farming system. More than 90 species of seafood are color coded and ranked and the most ocean friendly choices are listed first. Awesome! The Climate Change program projects feature scientific, cultural, and creative solutions which raise awareness and inspire action to reverse the environmental threat to our oceans. Students in elementary, middle, and high school will enjoy Education programs and include partnerships and lectures for the next generation of marine biologists, conservationists, and scientists. For our ocean loving baby boomer kids and their parents and grandparents, this is an absolute win-win!

Art & Poetry programs provide a platform for literary and artistic expression about our oceans health and well-being. The Safe Seas program works to reduce the unintended catch of marine life by promoting effective and practical solutions that benefit the balance of ocean ecosystems. The Boutique features some great books and art to add to your collections. Explore the Media Gallery of photos and videos and be sure to follow their blog!