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Pampering our pets!

Award-winning Camp Run-A-Mutt located in San Diego, CA provides a unique cage-free resort style environment in which beloved pets can play and thrive for the day or more while their owners are away. With 4,200 square feet of play area, pets will have a ball in a park-like setting featuring a splash pond complete with waterfall, sun deck, misters, ramps, bridges, and kiddie pool. The top-notch staff of “Alpha Humans” have years of experience in dog handling and ensure pets are well cared for in a highly supervised, clean, comfortable and safe environment.

Dog loving baby boomer families will love the Daycare Services which feature mornings with campers chasing and jumping at bubbles from the bubble machine and playing with Kong balls and big Boomer balls. Toys are retired in the afternoon so campers can take a dip in the pool, nap and socialize with their new friends. Owners can watch their doggy-escapades on Muttcams accessible from their computers and their iphone, ipad or web enabled cell phone! Sleepovers / Boarding includes the daytime activities as well as an indoor 1,200 square foot rubber floor play room complete with individual eating areas and nights full of relaxation, television and community slum-grrr parties. Pets are never left unattended. Grooming Services will have your pets showing off after a shampoo, brush, coat trim, paw pad shave, nail trim, ear cleaning and more. You can choose from a number of grooming packages or opt for the A La Carte services. The retail area stocks treats, toys, shampoo, leashes, collars, beds and more to keep your pooch happy, healthy, and fetching while at home.

Obedience training allow dogs to learn to sit, stay, watch, heel, bed, recall, wait at the door and ring a bell among other skills which result in a happy, confident and well-trained dog. Classes are taught by the highly qualified and sought after award-winning trainer Joel Beckman, whose resumé includes training killer whales at Sea World along with big cats, monkeys, camels, birds and exotics. Joel is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and International Marine Animal Trainers Association. Check out the requirements needed for your furry friend to become a camper and register online. Career-minded, take-charge, hands-on dog loving people can check out the available franchise opportunities and begin making invaluable connections.