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Responsible stewards of our oceans!

Originally founded as the Orange County Marine Institute, The Ocean Institute is a community based 501 (c) (3) organization located in Dana Point, California. Nationally known for their hands-on marine science, environmental, ocean education and maritime history programs, the mission of the Ocean Institute is to inspire all generations through education to become responsible stewards of our oceans. They achieve this through their 61 award-winning innovative immersion style programs. Honors received include the inaugural Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Maritime Education from the National Maritime Historical Society, and the Sea Education Program of the Year from the American Sail Training Association.

Annually more than 110,000 K-12 students and 8,000 teachers participate in The Ocean Institutes programs and baby boomer kids and grandkids will want to hop on board. Our future tall ship sailors, research scientists, oceanographers, and explorers will voyage the ocean, study in labs, live aboard tall ships, sort through live specimens, observe migrating whales, and collect scientific data while they learn about the ocean, sea creatures, oceanography, and science.

Spectacular programs include Undersea ABC’s for PreK-K where students will learn their ABC’s as they look, listen, and feel the tide pool, kelp forest, and sandy bottom animals in aquariums. Board the 70-ft. marine science research vessel the R/V Sea Explorer to watch the local sea lions and investigate marine habitats as Big Al Goes to Sea for grades 2-3. A comprehensive nine-week classroom unit that addresses all of the weather and water cycle Earth Science standards is the Weather & Water 5th Grade Program which was recognized by the National Science Teacher Association as an Exemplary Science Program in an Informal Education Setting. Teachers will appreciate that all programs tie into California state standards and provide a fabulous launching pad for classroom teaching.

Grades 6-8 take part in scientific sampling and exploration as they study the dynamic effects of plate tectonics through the investigation of sea floor geology, sediment cores, microfossils, and underwater seismology with the Sea Floor Explorer Boat/Lab program. Grades 8-college can be a part of current important research on global climate change with the Earth’s Changing Climate Lab/Cruise Combo program, and Before the Mast Overnight have students hoisting cargo, rowing long-boats, raising sails, standing night watch, and swabbing decks. Take the time to visit the online gift shop, check out upcoming events, and their Captain’s Blog.