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Inspiring kids reach great heights!

RainTees’ parent company Andira International was started by Beth Doane at age 22 with Rain Tees following in 2007. Beth launched the Rain Tees line to educate consumers on critical environmental and social issues and is produced using fair labor practices and contains no animal parts or products making for cruelty free fashion. Every Rain Tee is handmade just outside the Peruvian Amazon in vertically integrated factories using eco-friendly inks and dyes.

Rainforests contain more plant and animal species than anywhere else in the world and control global weather patterns while providing more than 20% of the earth’s oxygen. The 3 key components to Rain Tees are: 1. Ethical manufacturing: Rain Tees staff are paid 25% above average wages so health care and education come first for them and their families; 2. Every Rain Tee educates: Rain Tees sponsors each child whose artwork is chosen for a Rain Tees design to attend school in their home country; and 3. Every Rain Tee plants a tree: For every Rain Tee sold, a child in Costa Rica receives a tree to plant through the educational non-profit Kids Saving the Rain Forest.

Rain Tees are created by following these 3 steps: Step 1: They donate school supplies to the children in endangered rainforests and ask them to illustrate what they see happening around them. Step 2: They create 100% organic cotton tees with eco-friendly inks and dyes. Step 3: They print the children’s drawings and their names on the tee. These steps result in stable occupations, children’s education, and 1 tee for every tree. Rain Tees are available in women’s sizes small through large, and kid’s sizes from 18 months to 12 years. The Tree of Life Tote is spectacular and 100% biodegradable and with the holidays fast approaching a gift card for family, friends, and co-worker’s is a must have. Boomer families may choose from unbelievably creative and inspiring designs like the Monkey Bridge Tee which features bridges designed and constructed by children in Costa Rica. These bridges give endangered monkeys a way to cross roads. The Joison Tee, illustrated by a child in Ecuador, has graced the runways of Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Los Angeles. This is just a small sampling of the incredible tees and their stories for everyone to pickup and enjoy from this remarkable website which we absolutely love. What an easy and great way for everyone to contribute to saving the rainforest.