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Getting up close with nature! — This site is so cool!

Founded in 2010 and located in Harads, Sweden, Tree Hotel gives a whole new dimension to the term tree-huts. This new concept was based on cooperation from well-known designers and architects resulting in a unique collection of hotel rooms that reflect their ecological values. The inspiration for the hotel came from the documentary film “Trädälskaren” (Treelover) by Jonas Selberg Augustsen. It is the story of three men who look to get back to their roots by building a tree house together. The philosophy behind Tree Hotel was to create a comfortable, well-designed hotel which allows guests to live in harmony with nature amongst trees. Eco-friendly practices are used in the construction and daily running of the tree houses.

Baby boomers will absolutely love launching their spirit of adventure in these highly unique rooms that are created by different architects. The Mirrorcube, The Bird’s Nest, The Cabin, The Blue Cone, The UFO, and A Room with a View each sport their own individual personalities. Rooms are situated in pine trees and are accessible by either a ramp or stairs. Rooms vary in size and each has its own living and sleeping areas with 2-4 beds. All are equipped with state-of- the art eco-friendly incineration toilet and water efficient hand basin. Furniture and lighting were designed to compliment the individual themes. Rooms have eco-friendly electric under-floor heating systems that allow for year round availability.

Activities vary depending on the season. Sea kayak the Luleå River and amaze in the stunning natural landscapes, mountain bike forest trails, take a midnight horseback ride and feast on waffles with cloudberries and cream at Klusåberget Mountain. Fish the beautiful Bodträskån. Experience the culture, architecture and history of a small northern Swedish village walking in the Harads and enjoy “kaffe and kaka” (coffee/tea and pastry). Get a deeper insight into Sami culture with a visit to Gorgim Lake. Take a nature trek and learn about subarctic flora and fauna. Snowshoe the deep forest country, take a husky sled safari in the Boreal Forest, and try skijoring on trick-skis behind a horse. Head back to the Tree Hotel and unwind in the Tree Sauna. Then head over to Brittas Restaurant for some mouth-watering local fare. The specialty is wild with ingredients from local suppliers. Yummy!