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The goodness of green!

Mark Nutcher, Founder and Owner of Wood Toy Shop located in Portland, OR, has been making toys for 10 years. Nutcher makes handcrafted-wooden heirloom toys and incorporates sustainable practices into the business, including using hardwoods scrapped from lumber mills and cabinet shops. Leftover pieces are used as kindling while waste sawdust becomes compost for the garden. Toys are finished with non-toxic mineral oil and packing material is recycled from local businesses. Wood Toy Shop’s power is 100% renewable wind, solar, and biomass energy. Nutcher attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Oregon – Charles H. Lundquist College of Business. His resumé includes finance, software engineer, and flight instructor at Aeromaintenance. Wood Toy Shop is a recipient of the RecycleWorks Award in Portland.

Collections baby boomer kids and grandkids will love include rattles, gizmos, kinetics, vehicles, trains, and blocks. Our favorite toys are the Handmade Maple Wood Baby Teething Rattle featuring a soft, soothing sound for tender baby ears and sanded smooth for tiny fingers. Made from contrasting hardwoods is the wooden automaton, Otto the Automatic Dog. He wags his tail and when you crank the handle, his mouth moves as if he is barking. Woof! Woof! Technology sparks imaginations with the engraved WPhone Wood Smart Phone Toy. Icons can be colored with crayons, magic markers, and paints. The Whirly Gig helicopter aka puddle jumper is an age-old classic complete with launcher. Wind the rip cord, give a tug, and watch it soar.

Baby boomer kids and grandkids will play for hours with the 10 passenger Natural Bus made from Walnut, Ash, Cherry, Oak and Birch. The Rubber Band Powered Race Car made from solid hardwood is powered by a rubber band and can travel up to 30 feet on hard surfaces. Zoom! Wooden trains are made from solid cherry and maple and will last for generations. The Six Piece Wooden Train Set comes complete with locomotive, tanker, log car, lumber car, barrel car, and caboose. The Elephant Parade-Wood Pull Toy is made with a hardwood body, birch wheels, and rolling balls. Pull the string and it follows kids in their tracks. Encourage creativity and increase children’s spatial skills with the personalized letter name Hardwood Unit Blocks made of maple and engraved. Visit this eco-friendly website and pick-up some great products to help teach kids what it means to be green!