Confused about the difference between Facetime and Facebook? Know a tweet from a post? Better find yourself a teenager! Technology and all that goes with it is a part of their everyday lives – second nature to them.

Recently, our teenage son explained Facetime to an older friend – we caught this on video: Erik teaches Jack. The Mac folks are a bit more specific with their instructions, but somehow we boomers prefer the one-on-one. I am considering videoing all instructions our teens provide, in case I need them again when they are off to a football game or entrenched in homework.

Jack was also interested in the marvel of the iPad. Erik has one of those too, and provided a brief overview. The feature of this tool are a must see, no one can really explain how completely fascinating this technology is.

I recently heard a brilliant man speak about change. And as he put it, “change is” – he went on to speak about senselessness in waiting for it, or avoiding it. His main point was, since “change is” figure out how to embrace it so as not to be left behind. The use of technology and the world of social media will not be going away. In our next blog we will overview the bright spots of Facebook and provide you with the top reasons to jump on board.