Matt James, President and CEO announced today from San Francisco, that “after nine months of hard work, The Center for the Next Generation is officially launched!” See the New York Times profile of his partners in this venture, Jim and Tom Steyer. We recently profiled Matt as one our uberboomers and he pledges that TCNG will do its best to make a difference. You can join TCNG on Facebook:; follow TCNG on Twitter:; and follow Matt James on Twitter: As Matt said today, please “raise a glass and wish us luck!”

You might also want to check-out Leftcoast™ Grassfed where at their TomKat ranch, Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor put into practice what baby boomers feel strongly about – sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint and leave as little imprint on the land as possible.

Have a great weekend! Will it involve football?…just curious…