There are tons of people who sign up for Facebook pages and never post a thing, and that’s okay. You can create your page simply for the connection to others it will bring. Facebook can be a very passive endeavor.

Once you have an account, you can limit your page to only those you approve to see it. Be sure to look at and set all account and privacy settings to your liking. You do not have to put your birthday, or any other identifier to get a page. A profile picture is helpful, so that people who know you can identify you as opposed to anyone else with your same name.

Here are the things we enjoy most, or the top ten reasons to have a FB page:

  1. You can view photos of family and friends.
  2. You can see what others have been doing, and what interests them.
  3. You can learn about new places to visit, by way of someone else’s trip.
  4. You can see how your kids and grandkids relate to others.
  5. You can be a part of conversations with family and friends who are far away.
  6. You can share pictures that you enjoy with others.
  7. You can follow your favorite companies, and track specials and/or events.
  8. You can connect with friends you have lost touch with and be a peripheral part of their lives.
  9. You can have a voice, express your opinion in current events, and know what others are saying.
  10. You can promote businesses and opportunities important to you (example: pls “like” our Bette Boomer FB page )
Here is a clip that shows a great use of FB to connect people. This friend lives in NYC, she took this picture with her Blackberry and uploaded to FB for all friends to see (and comment on). Many others shared their experiences on the anniversary of 9/11, and indeed we all felt connected.
We really could go on and on. I know many people who have held out getting on board with FB, and when they eventually do they find it as fascinating as the rest of us. You can use it as little or much as you like. Chances are you will enjoy the window it provides into the world around you…far and wide, but still your world.