Baby boomers want to keep their seniors safe, active and independent as long as possible. It’s also important to give family caregivers peace of mind. We recently talked about helping our parents and grandparents continue to care for themselves and age in place using concierge services. Technology may have passed most of our parents and grandparents by but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t consider some of the genuinely effective and useful gadgets that are out there waiting to assist them. Now electronics, mobility aids, tracking services and luxury items for the elderly are some of the fastest growing new products in the marketplace that help them age safely and in place.

Who wouldn’t agree that “the older the violin, the sweeter the music!” A great place to shop for unique luxury items and gifts for graying boomers and golden agers is on your fingertips at the Gold Violin. Another elegant solution for aging in place is Safety Tubs. Cell phones are a great way to stay engaged with families and friends. They’ll be used if they are easy to understand and are user-friendly like GreatCall. Other devices to help stay engaged with the world that is so important for overall wellness are Home Health Tech by Home Controls, Presto Services and Sonamba. Quality of life values includes some assistance for clearer vision and accurate hearing to maximize enjoyment of life. It’s always important to do your homework and Hearing Planet is a good place to start. We also like Linear Living that understands the requirement for looking good too! Check-out The Scooter Store for safe mobility, and we love WellnessMats too.

It’s also important to be proactive regarding our health. Making it easier are services like the medical version of a smart card miCard  (makes a great gift item) and RememberItNow!  a web application that can be accessed from any computer or phone with internet interface. Another we particularly like is Tabsafe, a medication management system that reminds, dispenses, alerts and posts information on compliance, inventory, and other health information accessible from any internet capable device. Truly helpful when the memory isn’t the best.

Jill Kerr from Home Controls, Inc. reports, “Nobody wants to be a burden, so many aging seniors do not mention when something goes wrong.  This is when 33% of family members quit their jobs or drastically reduce their hours to fill the role of full time caregiver. [FCA].  The use of some technology to help assist these cargivers could provide the necessary help that allows them to keep working full time.”

As our loved ones require more support or when that awful day arrives and our memory-challenged seniors begin to go-walkabout which is extremely worrisome and frightening, there are tracking services and lots of technology gadgets for monitoring available on the market. Some of our favorites that ease the mind are:

A-Frame Digital


GPS Smart Shoe

GrandCare Systems

Halo Monitoring

Lifeline System


Comfort Zone

Medic Alert+Safe Return

Fortunately, resources are plentiful for senior services and we continue to sort through those that our loved ones deserve and provide them on Bette Boomer. If you know of any you think we should look at let us know. And, please feel free to share our resources with your own loved ones to help them age gracefully and safely in place.

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