Baby boomers have always enjoyed concierge services. To help our parents and grandparents continue to care for themselves and age in place, concierge services are perfect to provide the level of assistance they require immediately and as their future needs unfold. Think of the handyman, pet care, downsizing and estate sales teams as extensions of the concierge. Here are some providers that “attend to your wishes” as a true concierge would.


LifeWise Renovations – Wineteer is a full-service design and remodel organization and their Wineteer meets the growing demand of aging baby boomers and their loved ones for barrier-free living environments that are attractive and functional for everyone regardless of age or ability. Small improvements combine to make a big difference and remodeling is a viable alternative to assisted living and nursing facilities. The ability to enjoy a home that has been tailored to fit individual needs to continue to enjoy the sense of familiar surroundings, and maintain independence in a comfortable environment is always preferable.

Case Handyman and Remodeling has become the largest and most respected full service home improvement company in the nation, branching out into franchising in 1997. As boomers and their parents age in their homes, necessary modifications and adaptations are needed to accommodate changing lifestyles. Case does it all for you by using perfected processes and systems to handle projects without interfering with active lifestyles. And, this is a perfect opportunity to make your home more energy efficient and eco-friendly!

Staying put,” may mean making some adjustments to the home, anything from a higher toilet to an entrance ramp.  Mr. Handy Man is one of several nationwide companies that provide a wide range of major and minor home repairs. Technicians are licensed, bonded and insured we appreciate their interest in suggesting improvements to maximize energy efficiencies.

Don’t forget another component to quality of life. SilverRide provides mobility for continued access to the community for baby boomer parents and grandparents after their “driving retirement.” Having access to transportation is key to older adults’ ability to engage, interact, explore and thrive with their peers. Services like this help them enjoy a connected, fulfilling, dignified and independent lifestyle.

And don’t forget the pets. Concierge services include camps, pet sitting and all kind a pet related care. Whisker N’ Tails, Healthy Dogs and Running Paws do just that. Here are more of our favorites:

Camp Bow Wow

Camp Run-A-Mutt

Debra Farrington’s Pet Sitting


Pet-N-Play Resort


Sitter City