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CogniFit, Ltd. is a worldwide leader in brain research and a leading developer of scientifically validated cognitive software. Founded in 1999 by world renowned psychologist Professor Shlomo Breznitz. CogniFit employs a team of internationally respected scientists who apply up-to-date research to develop their online and CD brain training fitness programs. They collaborate with top global scientists at scientific institutions, major universities, and hospitals to ensure effectiveness of programs that combine personalized training with scientifically proved methodologies. Their cognitive database ensures training utilizes the current discoveries and advancement in neuroscience and neuroplasticity. Awards include the 2009 ICAA Innovative New Product Award for Active Older Adults and the 2009 New Product and Technology Awards from the Mature Market Institute.

Baby boomers love to keep their brains healthy, strong, and vital and CogniFit’s online and MindFit’s CD computer brain training programs were designed specifically to do just that. Exercises help improve 14 key cognitive abilities and large fonts contribute to the ease of use. Programs are designed for adults who wish to maintain and improve their cognitive health and hone cognitive skills. They improve cognitive performance of individuals with various health related conditions and improve driving related cognitive skills.

The Cognifit™Personal Coach program is tailored to each individual to achieve optimum cognitive health, and MindFit™ automatically selects the exercises an individual needs. Begin with a Baseline Assessment to determine the level of your cognitive health. This is followed by a 20-minute training session based on your assessment. There are 24 training sessions and as you progress through the first cycle of 24, the Personal Coach creates a customized training regimen. Exercises are adjusted to reflect your progress and to make sure that you’re training at optimum efficiency. You receive a complete assessment at the end of the cycle and a new set of personal training goals is now established for your next cycle.

The Cognifit™ Senior Driver and the MindFit™Back On Track programs are scientifically proven, validated and designed for people who want to maintain and extend their safe driving skills. The personalized program assesses 10 essential driving-related cognitive skills and follows the same training process of the Cognifit™Personal Coach program. Turn your computer into your brain’s fitness room to sharpen your mind and improve your quality of life.