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Invigorating body and soul!

Located in Bedford Hills, New York Dworkin & Company’s CONDUCTORCISE® led by Maestro David Dworkin is an upper body workout that blends conducting, music, education, and aerobics into one unique package. Maestro Dworkin, a graduate of The Julliard School and Columbia University, began his career as a clarinetist and performed for many years with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Since then he has led orchestras throughout the world including conducting the Philharmonic on the Hudson for fifteen years. He has also conducted the New Jersey, Vermont, and Manhattan Symphony Orchestras, and has performed four Carnegie Recital Hall chamber and solo recitals. CONDUCTORCISE® has been featured on The Today Show and has been recognized as one of North America’s six most innovative active-aging programs by The International Council on Active Aging.

Baby boomer families are always looking for new ways to keep senior family members active, engaged, thinking, and in motion. CONDUCTORCISE® born out of natural body movement and our physical response to music is a great program to add to the mix. Enjoy increased circulation, improved balance, improved hand-eye coordination, and improved focus and attention as you learn about musical colors, rhythms, form, time periods, and beat patterns – all while you conduct and exercise to the music. Senior boomers will not only benefit from the upper body aerobics which help relieve stress and build stamina, but also will learn basic conducting techniques, improve listening skills, and find out about the lives and work of the great composers like John Philip Sousa, Johann Strauss, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Dvorak, Offenbach, Rimsky-Korsakov and Copland to name just a few.

The programs have different challenges and the effort required to complete them differ depending upon the individual’s ability. For our more hearty seniors, sessions can be longer and more rigorous and lower body movements can be incorporated to help elevate the heartbeat. Carefully crafted programs for Alzheimer’s patients include pieces of music that are slightly shorter in length and focus on familiar or popular classical music which stimulates and provides interest and connection. Baby boomers can introduce or reintroduce loved ones to the wonders and magic of music with this wonderful package of programs.