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Self-sustaining website for health activists!

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and founded by Jack Barrette, WEGO Health is an online health social media community which empowers leading health activists to bring their passion for health to life by connecting with other pro-active health advocates and with healthcare companies through webinars, blogging, tweeting, online discussion forums, events, and videos and all in an effort to provide advice, information, and wisdom to others. Jack’s career spent in healthcare and as a former executive at Yahoo! opened his eyes to the struggle millions of people were having finding credible and useful online health information and this resulted in WEGO Health. The funding to support this outstanding community is provided by transparent, community-vetted advertising and sponsorship programs from health companies which include research, content development, education, events, conferences, distribution programs, and ad networks.

Health activists are megaphones for those with health conditions and WEGO Health provides a community to put passionate activists’ health awareness-raising missions into motion. Health activists are leaders, influencers, organizers, and contributors who are active in multiple communities, passionate about health causes, dedicated to finding the best information, and relentless in their commitment to helping others. These dedicated teachers now have an online health social media community to do just that. WEGO Health is the ultimate online teacher’s lounge where they come together, share their knowledge and experience, and spread the word.

Baby boomers and their families are passionate about maintaining their good health and WEGO Health is a fabulous website to keep up-to-date and informed about the latest news, research, and resources that are available for health related topics on conditions ranging from ADHD to Women’s Health and everything in between. WEGO Health TV showcases some of the most influential voices in online health speaking openly about important health issues.