Guest Blog by Mary Beth Regan:

I’m used to running, but I rarely wear pink. Still last weekend, I pulled on my Susan G. Komen shirt, borrowed a pink scarf and showed up for the Baltimore Race for the Cure to support a dear friend who has battled breast cancer. I was part of Susan’s Circle, a group of family and friends who were running on behalf of Susan Valis Faber, named Ms. Preakness Pink Warrior for her valiant fight on behalf of breast cancer survivors.

Susan was first diagnosed on April 9, 2010, coincidentally on the same day as her mother, a 10-year survivor who has since passed away from the disease. My running partners, Diane Surak Rohan, (a novice runner coming in from New York City who “has never done anything like this before,”) and Cris Rosell Chakales, are friends from high school days at Notre Dame Prep in Baltimore. We’ve all known Susan going on three decades now. Caught in traffic, our little trio never even found each other before race! And we totally missed the Susan’s Circle group picture. Still each of us completed the run, alone, in our own time, at our own pace. When I finally found an exhilarated Diane, she exclaimed: “I just did that!”

Afterwards, we headed to a massive RV for Susan’s Circle tailgate breakfast, complete with bagels, eggs, coffee, donuts, fruit and other food. Susan must have figured we’d blown the whole thing off…. And then, the best of part of the day was seeing Susan’s face brighten as she saw us coming across the crowded parking lot. “I didn’t know you guys were coming!,” she laughed. “Coming??!!…..Where else would we be?”

Mary Beth is Digital Content Editor and writes about science for the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. She lives with her family in Baltimore Maryland.

Susan in the middle: