Guest blog update from uberboomer Matt James, President of The Center for the Next Generation

In Denver an important new organization is being launched. Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) will operate as an influential voice supporting the business of advanced energy. Advanced Energy encompasses not only many “clean energy” sources and technologies, but also ways in which energy is produced, conserved and delivered, ultimately making us more energy secure and independent. This exciting organization being launched by TCNG co-Founder Tom Steyer and energy investor Hemant Taneja.

With worldwide energy consumption expected to dramatically increase, America faces a stark choice–we can either lead the way and reap the economic, health and environmental benefits, or allow other countries to do so.

TCNG is playing a major role in this new organization, providing strategic communications advice and driving the overall communications strategy. AEE launched on November 7th with four state chapters and many more on the way.  We look forward to keeping you updated on AEE and its development.


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Matt James

PRESS RELEASE 11/07/2011 – Business Leaders Form ‘Advanced Energy Economy’ to Drive American Competitiveness and Economic Growth

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