Toys with Integrity!

For over a decade, ImagiPLAY™ located in Boulder, CO has created high-quality educational toys that connect with nature, have eco-friendly sources, and hold educational value that inspire children’s imaginations, introduce them to the wonders of the world, and nurture exploration. Barbera Aimes, Founder and President of ImagiPLAY™, works to ensure they set themselves apart by producing top-quality toys using materials and processes that show respect for our planet and all the people and creatures within it. Award-winning, heirloom quality toys are made from plantation-grown, chemical-free, splinter-free, hardwood Rubberwood Trees. Trees are harvested after 25-30 years and new trees are planted in their place. Additionally, wood from managed forests is used, as well as Bamboo. Everything produced is made from renewable, sustainable materials and every material and paint used meets or exceeds U.S. and European standards. ImagiPLAY™ has been featured in numerous print magazines, on the CBS Early Show, and on the Sundance Channel.

Baby boomers and their families can’t help but appreciate the child-safe and earth-safe toys, games and collectibles which enhance children’s ability to count, learn the alphabet, and identify different animals – all while gaining a true sense of the world’s beauty and diversity of species. Products we’re keen on are the Alphabet Parade which teaches the alphabet, phonics, and the names of 26 animals. It is hand-crafted from plantation-grown rubberwood. The green-themed and green-made Green Magic Set includes a Green Energy Cube, Pollution Paddle, and Eco Wands. All tricks are framed in an ecological story. Now that’s cool! The award-winning Arctic Expedition comes complete with Velcro-closure igloo tote, wooden Eskimos, polar bears, walrus, seal, and a husky pulling a sled! It is crafted from rubberwood and colored with child-safe paints. The ColorMeUp Humpback Whales puzzle and craft kit includes a watercolor paint kit and is handcrafted from managed forest Basswood.

Collections we love are the EcoYoyo. Every child should have a yo-yo, so why not go for the best! The irresistible and pose-able Pozimals will have kids striking a pose mimicking their animal friend everywhere they go. Planet Pixies are insanely cute advocates for the planet. Turn your baby boomer kids or grandkids onto their Learning Center and take a tour around this great site.