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Play in style, relax in style!

Founded in 2001 by Mike Bellino and located in Millbury, MA, Ski Chair manufactures, markets, and ships sports furniture made from recycled sporting equipment. Back in 1993, Bellino was enjoying a beer with a friend after having just finished a day of ski racing at Mount Wachusett. He was talking about the dock he had just built for his home on Lake Quinsigamond and the fact that he needed to furnish it when the idea for Ski Chair popped into his head. He was working at a bike and ski shop and had access to many ski reps. He called his contact at Rossignol and told him his idea. A week later a dozen skis showed up at the shop. Bellino took them home and made his first chair. Immediately friends and family were putting in requests for chairs, so Mike called his Rossignol contact again. Three weeks later a tractor trailer showed up at his house with eight pallets of skis and the business was born!

Sports-minded baby boomers and their families will love the unique furniture made from Port Orford cedar, recycled water and snow skis, wakeboards and snowboards, hockey sticks, baseball bats, and golf clubs. Bench legs are made from recycled milk and soda bottles and recycled bike and ski boxes are used for shipping. Products are designed for natural weathering eliminating any need to refinish or repaint. Handmade ski chairs provide maximum comfort with the ergonomically curved seatback and seat and armrests that are both extra wide and extra long.

This fantastic website has an extensive collection for baby boomers to choose from. You can even design the look you want along with your choice of brand. We love the 3 Piece Fischer Bistro Set with 2 ski chairs and table and perfect for an afternoon iced tea. Enjoy evening sunsets in the KD Swing with Cradle and kids might be lulled to sleep in the Children’s Snow Board Log Rocking Skichair. Ski Chair’s log furniture is made from Northern White Cedar which is a creamy white color weathering to a silvery grey patina. It is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage. You may even want to pick-up a coat rack, wine-rack, or snow-ski centerpiece to decorate indoors as well as outdoors. Send your old sports equipment to them for your own custom design. We love the possiblities!