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Giving new life to old spirits!

Stroke of Art was founded by artist and artrepreneur Debra Dresler. The Stroke of Art studio is in Lakeland, MN where Dresler designs her creative and imaginative collections. She travels frequently scouring flea markets and antique stores and everywhere-in-between in a quest for objects from times past to breathe new life into. Antique and vintage found objects, discarded game pieces, text from old books, antique typewriter keys, and shattered glass are some of the elements she uses in her designs. Dresler says her “view of art comes from the beauty and lasting memories of everyday things.” Stroke of Art has been featured in numerous magazines as well as on NBC’s Today Show.

Eco-minded baby boomers will love the handcrafted mixed-media collections of clocks, watches, jewelry, and household items composed of old-time memories. Some of our favorites are the Vintage Flash Camera Clock – great for photography junkies and antique lovers. These clocks are made from actual vintage cameras so they may vary slightly. The Zither Clock is made from an antique zither, clock dials, and other found objects and perfect for musical instrument buffs. These wall and desk clocks combine authentic vintage treasures with modern quartz clock mechanisms and collections include the New Book Clock Collection, Retro Clock Collection, and One of a Kind Clocks. The Red Telephone Cord Watch is made from a reclaimed vintage telephone cord and accented by a vintage phone key. Watches are made from recycled materials and combined with new battery operated watches. Designs are either made on heavy expandable cording for a slip-on style watch, or fit loosely like a bracelet with a clasp.

Jewelry gems baby boomers will want to pick-up include the Typewriter Cufflinks, Typewriter Earrings, and Typewriter Bracelet. Found Art Jewelry features rust, pearls, copper, buttons, stones, paper, steel, gems, twigs, sterling, wood, brass, photos, glass, tin, clay, ribbon, and more. Check out the great new line of Lamps and Vases for the Home where you will find the Luminaria, Film Lamp, Bird Lamp, Books Lamp, and Book Vases. Bring a little nostalgia back into your life when you visit this cool website.