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Truly the ultimate!

The Ultimate Green Store based out of California and Illinois was founded by Laura Meyer with the goal to help consumers make better choices for their health, their families, and the planet. At the same time she wanted to make shopping for green products convenient, accessible, and educational. She has achieved this with an inventory of some of the finest environmentally friendly products for your home, office, family, and pets from many of the world’s leading and socially responsible manufacturers and designers of sustainable, natural, organic, and recycled eco-friendly goods. Laura is a home improvement and green lifestyles expert as well as author. She has appeared on numerous television and radio programs including Oprah & Friends, Martha Stewart Living Radio, CNN’s Open House, and ABC News. Featured print articles include Town & Country magazine, The Washington Post, and The Denver Post.

Eco-conscious and eco-savvy baby boomer shoppers love the fact that sustainable-green-living no longer comes at the sacrifice of quality, selection, and style. Critical concerns for socially-conscious shoppers – issues about greenhouse gases, renewable energy, organic farming, conservation, and recycling – drive consumers to seek green products as a normal part of everyday life. They are all here just a mouse-click away – furniture, fine linens, home accessories, garden, green cleaning products, kids toys, organic bath and skincare products, an array of amazing gifts, office furniture and supplies, and a whole department devoted to portable solar products for “off the grid and on the go.”

Beautiful, cool, hip, fun, and effective high-quality products we like are the luxurious Happy Lamb Organic Cotton Fleece Mattress Topper handmade from 100% organic, sustainable Merino wool with 100% organic cotton backing and in a dreamy creamy natural color. The cool and hip Solar Converter Recycled Daypack with 4 watts of solar power will quickly charge all of your handheld electronics, such as cell phones, iPads, satellite phones, PDAs, GPSs, iPods, and cameras. Organize your recycling efforts with the stylish and functional 25 gallon Safco Recycling System Containers. Back-to-schoolers will be the envy of their classmates when they break out their Birds Series Feather Tree-Free Sugar Cane Paper Spiral Notebooks featuring 80-sheets of paper made from bagasse (buh-gas) aka sugarcane pulp. Check out their Green Deal Of The Day and follow them on Facebook and Twitter! Get greening!