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Celebrating American Art!

Located in Greensborough, North Carolina, TrippworX Design Studio is owned by eco-artist Tripp Gregson. Gregson’s journey began at a young age when his father took him to the furniture factory where he worked. There Gregson roamed the production area and explored massive, sawdust covered, green machines. He entertained himself with leftover bits of upholstery fabric and rescued bits of wood from the floor. He eventually worked for corporate America. Growing tired of the cubicle life, he left to design recycled wood furniture, which led to the designing of recycled metal art. Gregson’s childhood experience at his father’s factory coupled with his love for art is the cornerstone of his operation to this day.

Baby boomers can’t help but find irresistible this unique website that features Gregson’s Fish-out-of-Water Series which he calls “mechano-organic,” a fusion of industrial and biological shapes and forms. The highly acclaimed Jazz Series has been featured in art galleries, magazines, and catalogs across the U.S. for nearly 10 years. Gregson uses lawfully acquired road, highway signs, and license plates for his artwork. Products are designed according to the color, shape, and size of the sign and custom designing is available.

The Fish-Out-Of-Water Series features one-of-a-kind signed and named wall art sculptures of marine life. Our favorites are the AeroSailfish made from recycled aluminum signage riveted together and bolted with stainless steel hardware. The dorsal fin is textured by tiny wires. Magnificent! The License Plate Crab is made from scavenged aluminum signage and a license plate. The riveted construction allows for the crab claws and eyes to move. If your horoscope sign is the crab this is a must-have. The Lobster is made from recycled aluminum signage, wire, and rivets. This fabulous crustacean has moveable claws for posing on a tabletop or on the wall.

The Jazz Series features the Tipsy Tini Martini glasses made with a recycled traffic sign base, nuts and bolts for the stem, and stainless steel cup mounted at a slight angle. The High Traffic Purse is made from retired street signs and can be used as both a clutch or over-the-shoulder purse. Straps are made from oversized ball chain. It is zippered with a mesh interior pocket for cell phones. Baby Boomers will want The Traffic Sign Briefcase/Laptop Carrier with an aluminum shell, combination locks, padded laptop compartment, accordion file, accessory pockets, and shoulder strap. What a head turner!