We feel so strongly about buying local and consuming less, that we have decided to offer a challenge and a prize. We would like to hear your favorite local or sustainable (or both) gift idea. Every idea entered as a comment to this post, or tweeted with a link to this post, or shared on Facebook with a link to this post will be entered into a random drawing for…a $100 gift certificate to Experience gifts.

Experience gifts (website: Xperience Days) is exactly the type of thinking outside of the shopping box that appeals to us. We have written previously about giving the gift of adventure. Your neighborhood, city, state and our country are full of fun opportunities that are run by Americans.

For example, my parents live in Baltimore and I could buy them a dinner cruise for two for $188 – which they would love. The same is true for cooking classes, an Annapolis food tour, or Chesapeake Bay seaplane flight ($185/pp). Xperience Days is one of many sites to offer such excursions or memory gifts.

Do any of us really need more stuff? And if we do, shouldn’t it be useful, sustainable stuff, such as green educational toys. If not, we should be asking for or giving useful things, such as massages, car washes, gym memberships, dinners or concert tickets. Gifts that the recipient will appreciate and the local business owner (and their staff) will benefit from.

Take a look at the ads in your local paper or surf the papers of your family and friends’ towns to find interesting gifts to buy them. Small town business councils are trying to leverage their collective numbers to advertise their services. We can help them, and in doing so please many others.

So, no more ideas from us – let’s hear yours! Again, do any or all of the following and each time you do, you will be entered into a drawing to win $100 certificate to Xperience Days.

  1. Tweet this post with your gift idea
  2. Share this post on your Facebook page and add your gift idea
  3. Comment on this post with your gift idea.

We will choose the lucky winner on “Black Friday.” This will be a bright day spent relaxing with friends, sifting through your creative ideas, and finalizing our Christmas list with positive purchases.