Doris Gallan knows travel. The 23 tips in each of the new travel booklets she has produced are designed to help you get the most out of your travel experience including staying safe, healthy and saving money.

We get to take all the aggravation out of travel because of Doris’s vast experience. The tips are useful and make sense. In the booklet What to Take & What to Leave Travel Packing Tips, begin with buying the best type of bag to helping you pack more stuff in that bag than you thought possible. How smart is that! In the booklet Beating Illness & Crime Healthy & Safe Travel Tips, you’ll learn what to bring along to protect yourself in a dark alley – that is if you plan to travel through a lot of dark alleys! You’ll learn what is safe to eat from street food carts. In How Do You Do? Cultural Etiquette Travel Tips, you get smart tips to help you go beyond just learning a few phrases of the language. Like tip #1 which will keep you out of the clink when taking pictures of people on the street!

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Relax and enjoy your trip.