By guest blogger, Diane Rohan

On a beautiful night in Manhattan, I journeyed to the newest Standard Hotel in Manhattan in Cooper Square. I was whisked inside by Elizabeth Chapin. When the elevator doors opened into the Penthouse I was immediately greeted by Nancy Teumer.  She and I talked about Bette Boomer’s mission of “redefining what it means to grow older,” and how we boomers like to identify with our “agelessness,” and both agreed that a home skin-renewing laser system is right up our alley!  She offered me wine and said hors d’oeuvres would be circulating soon. The food and beverage was plentiful and beautifully-presented. The flower arrangements were just the right touch- nothing was needed, really, with the simplicity of the suite and the wrap-around terrace.  I took wonderful photos to the South, where I could see the Gehry and Woolworth Buildings (my apartment is situation right between them) and the Freedom Tower.  I also took photos to the North, with views of the EmpireState and Chrysler Buildings.

Unfortunately, I was a bit pressed for time, so when I mentioned this to Nancy, she arranged for my eye makeover to take place first.  I was seated in what is the bathroom of the suite, which had a white claw tub filled with water and purple dendrobium orchids.  I sat in a director’s chair with a view to the North and surrendered to the talent of Nyah Cheang.  Not only did she give me an amazing smoky eye, but I was given a mascara and a palate of five eye-shadows.  Awesome!

Then about twenty of us were ushered to the West side of the room for the presentation.  Nancy introduced herself and told us about the PaloViaTM product, which is the first consumer product to be released which can be used in the home to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.  She introduced her colleague, Rich Bankowski, who travels around the world talking about light-based technologies with dermatologists (and his night job is getting the product on QVC!)  Rich explained that Palomar is the pioneer regarding light-based technology (most light-based lasers use Palomar technology.)  It took years of research and development to create a product that people can use in their homes.  Fractional laser treatments treat a little part of the skin instead of all of it, which “raises the bar of safety.”

I learned that laser is also used for stretch marks (bring it on!), Lipolysis (melts fat- hmmm- might be easier than this diet I’m on!) and acne scars. Then Rich introduced Dr. Robert Weiss, who explained the difference between ablated and non-ablated treatments.  Ablated removes a portion of the skin, where non-ablated leaves the top layer (stratum corneum) and delivers energy underneath.  The healing response is very fast with non-ablated.  And the goal of this product is to provide accessible and affordable lasers to consumers.

This laser is the first FDA-cleared at-home laser treatment clinically proven to renew skin around the eyes by stimulating the growth of collagen and elastins.  The laser fools the skin into thinking it has to repair itself.  Dr. Weiss showed us the product in its beautiful package and the best news?  We would get our own for attending the event!  92% of those tested had visible improvement in one month. He said “we want to look like a younger version of ourselves; we don’t want to look like someone else.”  So true, right?

I had the chance to test the product today.  After I got the hang of it, I felt the “prickly” sensation the directions warned me about.  In fact, since I had been trying to activate it for a minute or so with no results, I literally got a shock when I finally figured out how to place the laser sensor in the right place.  I used it on both eyes, and it does tingle quite a bit, I must warn you.  I hope that means it is working!  The areas I treated turned pink, and the feeling that I had been “zapped” in those areas stayed with me for about 15 minutes.  But guess what?  While I don’t have a tattoo that reads “pain is beauty,” I do feel that this little bit of pain was worth it.  My eyes really do look smoother, after just one application.

I’ll give them another shot each day for a month, and get back to you.  But so far, so good!   What a terrific option for staying ageless!

Diane’s Bio: Diane Rohan is the CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) of her company, The Main Event. An event-planner for 18 years, Diane has coordinated corporate events for such clients as Disney, AMC, and Newman’s Own, and headed up the special events department at Court TV.

Diane and her husband have lived in lower Manhattan for fourteen years. They have a 13-year-old son and a 17-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.

Diane enjoys reading and writing. She still enjoys watching Jeopardy! (even though she came in third in 2001) and Wheel of Fortune (two-day winner in 1991,) but prefers shows ranging from Modern Family to True Blood.  She also enjoys going to Broadway shows and movies, and deep down inside, hopes to work on Broadway one day, perhaps mopping up after Hugh Jackman.

Some of key people from Diane’s  PaloViaTMAdventure:

Nancy Teumer, Director of Consumer Products and Global Marketing of Palomar Medical (

Rich Bankowski, Field Clinical Director of Palomar

Dr. Robert Weiss, Cosmetic Dermatologist at Maryland Laser Skin and Vein Institute (graduated cum laude from Columbia; medical degree from Johns HopkinsUniversity in Baltimore)

Elizabeth Chapin, Cake Group,

Nyah Cheang, Celebrity Makeup Artist and founder of Nocturnelle Beauty