Girl Hunter Author: Georgia Pellegrini

Georgia Pellegrini attended the French Culinary Institute after college. She worked in farm-to-table restaurants in the U.S. (Gramercy Tavern and Blue Hill at Stone Barns) and France (La Chassagnette). Her first book “Food Heroes” tells the story of sixteen culinary artisans across the world, who are fighting to preserve their food traditions.

Georgia Pellegrini has a deep connection to the land and its resources. Her new book details her adventures as a “girl hunter.” Like many of our baby boomer progeny, she has followed along in our sustainable eating path at the cutting edge of culinary creativity. We know you can pair a fine wine with a shotgun!

For omnivores who shop for their food in the field and from streams, the ethical option takes you away from the grocery aisle to the wild – the ultimate pure resource. Get Girl Hunter for culinary tips on preparing what your catch. We got ours on the Kindle for this review.

Georgia Pellegrini is a fresh voice in the world of food conversations. As she says on her website, she “hunts, gathers and hones her pioneer skills” because she “will know while I eat. I will know how it all went down. And I still think that is better. Because it makes me a more conscious chef, a more careful hunter, and a more awake human being.” Follow her adventures on Twitter or her Facebook Page!