When shopping for holiday meals, how do you preserve your taste buds, the environment, and find sustainably-raised food, especially during these wintry months? Think fresh, local, simple and pure.

It’s tough for baby boomer locavores  during downtime of our CSAs and Farmers’ Markets. Those of us who care where our food comes from and how it is grown find it difficult to stay on board the slow food train. But you can continue to support small-scale agriculture if you buy from a local whole-food greenmarket or specialty food store you trust. Look for organic options to reduce your exposures to pesticides and other toxins.

For omnivores who shop for their food in the field and from streams, the ethical option takes you away from the grocery aisle to the wild – the ultimate pure resource. Get Girl Hunter for culinary tips on preparing what your catch.

A time-saver is shopping online for sustainable eating for busy boomers on-the-go. For the traditional Christmas table, you can get organic ham online. If you prefer turkey for the table, organic turkeys are available online also. Diamond Organics sells nationwide and delivers overnight. And Slow Food USA runs a Heritage Turkey program that breeds heirloom turkeys and sells them locally through a nationwide network of farms. Be sure to order early.

For red meat eaters, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free is the only way to go. You might also want to check-out Leftcoast™ Grassfed where, at their TomKat ranch, Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor put into practice what baby boomers feel strongly about – sustainable practices to reduce the carbon footprint and leave as little imprint on the land as possible.

Don’t forget the bar. Stock up on biodynamic wines, organic beers, or your own occasion-specific organic cocktails. Why fall off the sustainability wagon for appetizers for the cocktail buffet when sustainable aquaculture sources include Tomales Bay Oyster Company and Tsar Nicoulai Caviar. There are lots of ethical eating options online that include websites with cookbooks for holiday menus.

Ironically, while most of us worry about overeating and gaining weight – especially over the holiday season – other communities around the world go hungry. Whittle down your gift list by donating to your local food bank in someone’s name. Think about gifting sustainability through Heifer International. Initiatives like America’s Grow a Row that grow food to donate to food pantries are thoughtful gift ideas. Everyone deserves healthy, fresh food not just during the holidays, but also all year long.

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We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions for sustainable eating during the holidays. You can comment here on this site, or connect and converse with us on Facebook.