The winter solstice was a time of ritual celebration by ancient cultures. For us at Bette Boomer on our second Christmas, it’s not just about the ritual. It’s about time with families and friends to celebrate our traditions and consider what might come for our future generations. We are thankful for another year filled with joy.

Those of us who contribute to Bette’s voice are all over the US enjoying time with friends and families this holiday season. Here is a photo from one of us…where is it? Any guesses?

Despite all the commercial aspects linked to Christmas and the holidays, we believe it’s important to step back out of the craziness of our lives and stand quietly in the moment. Take a walk on the beach, down a snowy lane, onto your porch – any place of peace.

We hope this is a wonderful time of year for you, filled with all of your favorite people, and at least some of your favorite places.

Bette and Team