Since many of us have additional time off during this long holiday, this is a good time to take steps to improve our well-being over the long haul of this coming New Year. We’ve talked a lot about the boomer connection to health and vitality. Part of this equation is exercising to maintain overall fitness.

The nutrition + physical activity = wellness connection are basic proactive steps to mitigate the wretched excess of Christmas and avoid those post-holiday blues. Food loaded with fat and sugar is short-term comfort food that contributes to hypoglycemic drop and fatigue, which then exacerbates the blues.

We all know that stress can have a detrimental effect on health. While some short-term stress like exercise is beneficial to the brain and body, chronic stress isn’t.  Practice the “1-minute meditation” which is our favorite, simplest de-stressor and it really works.

Dialing it down and having some fun also helps to alleviate the winter blues. Make time for slow time in your own backyard! Hang out at home and take in all things local! Use the opportunity to be with family and spend time with friends. See all the latest movies, eat out at your favorite slow-food restaurants. Take in the community theatre performances and concerts. Hit the local shops, art museums and galleries. Visit historical sites in your area. At night, drive through the neighborhoods, as most are still decorated for Christmas.

Take a day-trip to an off-the-beaten-path oddity in your own state. Stay at a bed and breakfast for a break from hotel sameness. Most of us busy boomers fly from point A to point B with no time or opportunity to explore the backroads around us. Read a book. Take a walk, get in a few reps at the gym or swim a few laps at an indoor pool nearby. If you live in wintry climes, hit the local slopes, ice rink or sledding hill.

Simple pleasures. Take a time-out for play-time now and all of this coming New Year.