The countdown is on.

Do any of us really need more stuff? Why not consume less this Christmas and give useful services to your aging loved ones. Baby boomers who want to help parents and grandparents age in place, know that concierge services are perfect to provide the level of assistance they require immediately and as their future needs unfold. Think handyman, housecleaning, auto care and pet care as extensions of the concierge. Likewise gift cards for haircuts from a local barber or salon and spa treatments are always a hit.

Fitness centers and gyms cater to graying boomers and golden agers with age-specific programs. Many of our parents and grandparents stay physically active to offset the natural effects of aging. Give them a gym membership, sessions with a personal trainer and sports massages for their after-workouts. Don’t forget memberships in the local YWCA & YMCA. Besides keeping fit, it’s a way for them to network and socialize. For those superseniors with the competitive spirit, gift them with a membership to the NSGA so they can participate in the National Senior Games. Helping them enhance their vitality is an investment in their longevity.

Last year, we recommend multigenerational gifts of adventure and this is still a great idea to help our loved ones get out more. Experience gifting makes innovative gifting a snap like Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) which offers adventure and educational experiences to engage the mildly-active traveler in a participatory way.

Enhance your loved ones’ quality of life with gift cards for dinners, sporting events and concert tickets to keep them connected with their community.  Go online and use Groupon to see every available option and participating business in your area. Business owners and their employees benefit too when you shop local, American and sustainable wherever possible. Another important key to older adults’ ability to engage, interact, explore and thrive with their peers includes staying mentally active. Brain games stimulate brain health and make excellent gifts.

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