Monetize the website? — Really?

To date we have provided information on only what we believe in, and will continue to do so! We have been sent products to review and if our review is not favorable, we do not post anything about it, and return the product. We do not make any money or benefit at all from the reviews we provide.

We do this because we are boomers and believe there is valuable information on the web specific to boomers.  We want Bette’s voice to grow and reach boomers everywhere. We want her voice to represent boomers at large and provide feedback on valuable resources and keep boomers abreast of sustainable innovations as they happen.

As Bette continues to exercise her wise, edgy voice, we will support our efforts with some retail items and recommendations you can access through Amazon. We do benefit monetarily (minimally) when you order anything on Amazon if you get there through our site.

We have chosen some fun logo items to sell through Cafe Press. When you order, your logo item will be processed there and shipped directly to you. We like the eco-commerce this represents.

So, get your Bette on and choose an item now! Enjoy…and thanks for any shopping you do with us!

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