This blog is months late. However, it will translate into the upcoming Idol season along with many other top shows.

This blog is about assessing inaction. Watching TV is historically thought of as a passive event. It doesn’t have to be. Last week I enjoyed my new treadmill during the first big game, and worked my upper body with weights during the second game.

Who says you have to just “sit there?” Get a small medicine ball, some hand weights and you do not even have to leave your easy chair! When the game gets intense, so might your workout. What a stress reliever!

Even without weights, you can do stretches. leg lifts, lunges, wall-sits, the plank, push-ups, sit-ups and many other exercises. Now that football is almost over, weekends can be filled with skiing; downhill or cross-country. Your TV time exercises will pay off when you hit the slopes. Just do it!