In 2012, there will still be 168 hours in a week and 24 of them each day – this will not change.  The only thing that can change is how you use this time. The New Year is a good time to reflect on how you use your time, and what your priorities are. If your priorities are not being met or accomplished, you are misusing your time.

It seems most people like to assign blame to why they do not get things done. This is just another unproductive move. Start by assessing how you use your time over the course of one week. Keep a very clear daily log of your time. Thirty minute increments should suffice.

Next, review the things you did and highlight those things that were essential, cross off those that were time wasters (optional), and star those that were true priorities for you (whether personal or business). Create a schedule for the following week and slot in all of your priorities in the place of the previous time wasters. If you do not plan to do something, it is likely that it will not get done. Yes, I mean schedule your fun, your exercise, or down time…establish your priorities.

Review your daily log and figure out which things could be done in less time, or by someone else, or just differently. January is all about fresh starts, a reflection on the past that guides better decisions in the future – this applies to your use of time too!