Lately, we’ve been thinking about the past year, and reading some tea leaves to see what this year has in store.

Those of us who are dedicated to creating a sustainable food future (since we know food isn’t just food) will continue to pursue thoughtful eating. Because most baby boomers embrace fitness as the cornerstone of general well-being, we’ll continue to drink from the fountain of youth through nutrition and exercise, including improving our cognitive fitness. And, we’ll make time for play-time. We know that the end-result of a healthy longevity has a positive impact on our social structure.

While our careers evolve – many of us are moving into second and third acts – we are wisely pursuing areas that foster a sense of personal and social renewal (we say “wisely” because self-worth is a key component in our overall health). More than ever, we will continue to be involved in ways to make meaningful investments in the future of our kids and grand-kids and our planet.

Looking ahead, we continue our search for over-the-top resources for you on Bette Boomer. If you know of any you think we should look at let us know. And, please feel free to share our resources with your own friends and family. You can comment here on this site, or connect and converse with us on Facebook.

We continue to stay on track to live imaginative, inspired lives because living well never gets old!