We have devised a game for you to be the life of the party. Here’s how it works. Download the SuperBowlCommercials spreadsheet, and print copies for all party attendees.

As people arrive, ask them to choose one of the commercials as the “top” commercial. Keep a master list with everyone’s name next to the one they choose on the list (some may have several people’s names).

Ask each person to rate the commercials listed (there may be more that air, but these are the top ones) on a scale of 1-10. 10=truly the bomb…the funniest, most creative, definitely memorable one.

At the end, total the scores on the master sheet. The person who chose the “winningest” (highest scoring) one WINS! Of course you will need some prizes. We like, “gets to take the extra beer home,” but actual prizes are fun too!

Since everyone loves the commercials it is great fun to play a game around them. It inspires a sideline competition and appeals to even those who showed up without knowing what “fourth and goal” is.

We also hope your celebrations are green and at least involve recycling. Here is some last minute greening of the Superbowl information to share with our home team. This Superbowl will be the “greenest” one ever and no, that does not refer to the most money made. It refers to the efforts of the host committee taking planning and game day to the highest level of green efforts ever. This list of environmental impact solutions is much more interesting than how many chicken wings we will all consume.

Bottoms up…and go TEAM!