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Simply designed, organically effortless sense of style—all made in the USA!

In a small redwood grove in Northern California, a small cottage industry was born. Laurie Dunlap, Founder/Owner moved the business to a building beside Benbow Lake and, inspired by a hand-made wooden blue canoe, named her company Blue Canoe. Sixteen years later, Blue Canoe maintains not only a commitment to organic cotton and manufacturing in the USA, but also to providing stylish, beautifully fitting and functional clothing. The line has expanded from a few bras and panties to a full line of European-quality lingerie and loungewear, active apparel and fluid bamboo travel/casual wear. Their main office still sits under the redwood trees, beside the lake, but Blue Canoe’s cotton clothing is just as home in sophisticated San Francisco where all their clothes are made. Our personal favorites are the bamboo and the active collections which can take us anywhere in the world.

Every step in the manufacturing process is sustainable. One of the first natural organic clothing lines made in America, Blue Canoe continues to walk that path. Their organic fibers preserve the softness of nature (particularly with their special ring spun combing). They use dyes specially formulated to soak into natural fibers, using less dye, less water, and leaving less waste. Both growing and processing cotton is safer for the workers without the presence of chemicals and contaminates. They guarantee not to employ sweatshops, that their workers are given fair wages and a safe working environment. “Made in the USA” is the best way to practice fair and local trade.

Watch them in this YouTube video. Flattering designs, pure fabrics, fair practices – that’s the sophistication of Blue Canoe organic cotton clothes.