Pinterest is the hottest social media new kid on the block right now. We’ve tested the waters a bit, and yes, it can be addictive. With over 10 million users and dozens of news headlines daily like this Washington Post columnist calling Pinterest digital crack for women, it’s  an easy to use (some say useless) old fashion bulletin board gone virtual. As Pinterest states, their “goal is to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.” And as these articles claim, Pinterest might even be useful in politics, save you money, or even save your marriage!

It is easy to set up a Pinterest account. Go to the site and request an invitation. Then get the “Pin It” button and save it onto your browser toolbar. With a single click, select images from websites you want to add and it’s pinned to any board category you’ve created. Keep in mind that with Pinterest’s sharing platform, nothing is private!

Pinterest might help your business to display product and create brand awareness. According to, “if Martha Stewart, Michael Kors, Pepsi, and Nike see the potential, it’s probably a good idea to follow suit.” also states in another article that, according to Shareaholic, Pinterest “drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.” Even TED has jumped in and Backstage at TED is one of our favorites. But, pay attention to some of the article’s caveats if you’re focused on the commerce angle. We still believe LinkedIn is the best site for employment networking online, but the creative professions can show-off their portfolios on their Pinterest boards. Since it appears most images on the Internet aren’t considered public domain, everyone should stay alert to copyright issues when pinning. We expect to hear more about this in the future. Although Pinterest’s user agreement’s fine print states the legal liability is all yours, the pinner, it could prove to be Pinterest’s Achilles heel. Stay tuned on this.

Here’s a sample of other recent media coverage about Pinterest:

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If you’re pinning, we’d love to hear about your experience with Pinterest.

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