The earth has music for those who listen. – William Shakespeare

1970. Calling all hippie baby boomers that were there. Watch this fascinating time capsule about the first Earth Day celebration way back then. Brings back lots of memories for us!

We like Earth Day’s website slogan for 2012 – Mobilize the Earth™ because there’re boatloads of great information on their website with ideas and links to help you get involved. There will be Earth Day celebrations across the globe with other ways to get involved like “taking a breath and thanking a rainforest.”

Personally, we believe in planting a tree to recognize Earth Day. But while you’re thinking about Earth Day, consider land preserves founded on a unique model of enlisting death in the fight for ecological conservation of planet Earth. Green burial has been the method of burial for Muslims for over fourteen centuries and is consistent with traditional Jewish practice, as well. The Green Burial Council predicts this trend will grow, especially among the baby boomer generation

In celebration of Earth Day, Nova is offering downloads of free episodes from several of their environmental episodes and the complete season of E2 Energy, Season 1 on iTunes for a nominal charge.

And, since this is also National Gardens Month, take a look at our top 20 list of botanical gardens. Many of us who’ve browsed the seed and garden catalogs during this past winter are now anxious to get our fingers in the dirt once again. Last year we wrote about the joy of seed selection and web sites with incredible choices seed and garden catalogs offer.

Happy Earth Day 2012 and all the best for living well.

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