On the last night of our recent trip to Bryce Canyon, we dined in the old lodge in the park. This is clearly the best restaurant in the area. The pizza-flyfishing shop-book store-outdoor clothing joint in Escalante is the only great second choice within 40 miles.

While dining at the lodge, my husband thought he recognized a gentlemen who entered with his wife and son. They sat within view and throughout our meal, it was nagging my husband as to whether this was the man he had not seen for 10 or so years. Just before dessert, he got up and approached their table to immediately find they indeed recognized each other.

Introductions were made all around and we found that their son had been in school with our kids’ cousin and was about to rejoin her in middle school. We had all lived and/or worked in the Big Sur, Carmel area (they still do) and know many of the same people.

This got us talking about what a small world it is and they relayed this story about running into another Big Sur friend whom we know:

“The first time we bumped into Wanda we were roaming the streets of Florence during one of their biggest festivals, looking for a spot to eat lunch. We had just arrived by train with our luggage, stroller and 4 year old and we were starved. Every restaurant in our Fodor’s guide appeared to be packed and we were starting to get a bit weary. We stumbled upon a busy, open-air pizzaria that looked interesting and lo and behold Wanda and her sister were sitting at a street side table! They gave us a warm welcome and 2 thumbs up and we stayed and had a superb lunch with our luggage and stroller stacked against the wall of what seemed to be the busiest restaurant on earth.

We chatted briefly as the restaurant was so busy and Wanda and her sister were on their way out. We all knew we would be in Tuscany for the next week but never expected we would meet again….
About a week later, while eating lunch in an obscure restaurant in Sienna, we bump into the ladies again! Two meetings in one trip. Florence and Sienna… A world away from Big Sur…” ~ excerpt by Meredith Gafill.

Perhaps it is a Big Sur karma thing. Our family was in New Zealand  a few years back for six weeks traveling all around. On one afternoon we were racing to a winery we wanted to visit before they closed. As we were gathering our things out of the car, the two people departing the winery started calling my husband’s name. Both had worked with him in Big Sur a couple of years earlier and he had not seen them since! Of course, they returned to the winery with us to share NZ stories.

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