There is one thing we all have in common – we all have a mother. Some of us are fortunate to still have our mothers in our lives. Some of us cherish the memories of our moms. Some of us are mothers ourselves, and our efforts may be honored this weekend.

Either way, Mother’s Day is really a time to reflect on the bond the we have with our mothers. This bond is part of our psyche – part of who we are. The “Hallmark” way is only one way to honor this bond. Many moms I know agree that what they want most is TIME, time with their children or grandchildren. Time to savor that which goes so quickly, is so fleeting.

Some younger moms would prefer some time to rest, to put their feet up. Older moms, want more time to witness the accomplishments of their kids and grandkids. We can give time. Your time is better than a gift or flowers. Honor your mom with memories of your past together, plan to spend time together – if you can. Squeeze your kids and steal some of their time this weekend – if you can.

If you can’t do these things…know this – someone brought you into this world and possibly you brought another into this world. That is quite special, the effort was quite special, and is to be honored. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers – everywhere!