We’ve heard the scary statistics. Obesity is at epidemic levels not only in the U.S. but also worldwide. There is not one single solution but two are pretty basic: get moving and eat better.

To help promote awareness and lifestyle change, May 19th is Food Revolution Day, a day for people who love food to become a conscious community, understand more about daily food choices, and be inspired to get started. Watch Jamie Oliver’s video message to TEDxers, announcing Food Revolution Day.

People around the globe will connect community-wide through events at homes, schools, restaurants, local businesses, and farmers’ markets. 100+ food events and 200+ dinner parties are planned and to help get started, check-out these toolkits. Yes, we’re all busy and learning to cook from scratch is at the heart of the movement, which takes time. Nevertheless, if you call on those baby boomer abundant time management skills, like Jamie Oliver says, it’ll be “easy peasy.” Your health is worth it and your taste buds will thank you!

Some great links:

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