It’s true that time flies when you’re having fun! It’s hard to believe that two years ago we launched our website.

We’ve worked hard to showcase innovative and unique resources for discerning baby boomers and we’ll continue to bring you resources for adventure, living sustainable lifestyles and protecting our planet.


We’ll provide essential information to stay abreast of the latest in vitality and living well. And, it’s a joy for us to tell the stories of our revolutionary generation who inspire us with their reinventions or “second acts” as they move along the longevity road.


Our boomer sensibilities lead us into areas where we can continue to contribute:  community service, responsible consumerism, and sustainability.  We continue to impact the longevity economy through our desire to age-in-place.  We continue to be the policymakers setting the clean energy and social solutions agenda for the survival of our planet.

We all know that healthy kids are our future and it’s still our responsibility to surround them with the best environment to enable them to live fulfilling lives. The digital revolution has changed our world forever, and our education system is slowly evolving to provide the skills necessary to succeed in the increasingly competitive global economy. We embrace the competence and competitiveness of generations X and Y who follow in our footsteps, and who are as passionate about transforming culture and driving innovation as our ageless generation has done and continues to do. It will be interesting to track how Z evolves, as well.

As we move on, we’ll continue to speak out with boomer optimism.  Are you with us?


We have created some fun logo items, featured with our Boomer Spokesdog “Chance.” Just go to Bette’s Boutique to find fun ways to sport the Bette logo. Chance gives us a high five, but drew the line at the thong.

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