As summer winds down, let’s reminisce about  the beauty of multigenerational travel. We are blessed with a family cabin in the Sierras that has been in my husband’s family for 60+ years, as have the cabins on either side of us. It is truly fascinating to listen to, as well as tell stories about grandparents playing the same pranks, and doing the same hikes and cliff dives that the younger generation now does. The smoke from every fireside chat and sing-along carries the memories into eternity.

But, one’s own cabin is not required. Recently we visited The Ranch at Rock Creek and met a family who has been there three years in a row. These types of family gatherings are so special. Such resorts usually offer horseback riding, fishing, hiking, shooting (in this case – archery, paintball, shotgun, rifle and pistol!), swimming, mountain biking and more; in general, adventures for the entire family and a break from your normal routine. Of course, the beauty of this over the family cabin is THE PAMPERING. No cooking or cleaning to be done!




We commented on the multigenerational travel trend in the fall of 2011, and it has continued to grow. We would love to hear about your special places, whether they have been in the family for generations, or are a recent find that provides the perfect getaway for your group.