American voters recognize that the U.S. is falling behind other countries when it comes to education and want their political leaders to make education a higher priority, according to a national opinion survey released last week by the staff of The Center for the Next Generation. The “Survey of American Voters’ Attitudes on Education and Global Competitiveness” found pessimism about the state of U.S. education.

“In a country renowned for its science and technology prowess, it is telling so many Americans think the next Bill Gates or the person driving the next cancer breakthrough won’t come from the U.S.” said Matt James, President of The Center for the Next Generation. “But that doesn’t mean they’ve given up. Voters want our political leaders to invest in education to ensure we properly educate and prepare the Next Generation to be successful in today’s global economy.”

The Center for the Next Generation also released its first major report—The Competition that Really Matters: Comparing U.S., Chinese, and Indian Investments in the Next Generation Workforce. The report in collaboration with the Center for American Progress takes an in-depth look at how the U.S. is struggling to compete with other countries in preparing young people for the global workforce and presents a series of recommendations for policy makers to meet the challenge.

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TCNG is a nonpartisan think-tank and strategic communications organization that supports programs and policies that benefit the next generation of young Americans. For more information about The Center, visit

What are your thoughts about how to ensure we educate and prepare the next generation to be successful in the global economy? You can comment here on this site.

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