This past weekend, I was talked into a “Dirty Dash.” I knew the basics: we’d run 3+ miles, there would be some obstacles, and mud. I signed up before seeing all of the organizing company’s photos. Yikes. In some shots, people appeared to be floating in mud, submerged all but their heads!

I recalled my mud bath experiences in Calistoga. I considered the healing properties of mud. My sister had recently visited Mexico and presented me with three jars of ancient healing mud. It had to be good for me, right?

But, before long I was thinking of how we started the race late in the day, behind many other teams. Would the mud be worse…dirtier? Thicker, or juicier, or just muddier? How would I know what was in the mud? It was after all held at the equestrian park.

There was only one way to find out. We did it. Our team was the Dirty Devils, complete with capes, horns, tails, and tee shirts with our names: Mud Man, Soil Sister, Dusty Devil and Dirty Girl. This last one was for my fourteen year old daughter, who approached the day with great enthusiasm, and ended it thinking it was the most fun she has ever had.


Truth be told…we all felt this way. The course was challenging. I have skinned knees, large bruises, sore arms to prove that. But more than that, it was all something we would otherwise not do. We did it as a team, and we got dirtier than we have ever been in our lives! Honestly and truly drenched in mud – every nook and cranny.

Funny sights and comments surrounded us. More than 3,500 people showed up in our small town for this inaugural event. The costumes and camaraderie were as entertaining as the actual challenges. Every one of us reveled in the freedom of being downright filthy for the day!

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