As kids return to school and learning takes up more time and energy, it might be time to fine tune your brain a bit. The New York Times bestseller, Brain Rules, gives you the tools to do just that! This book is very easy to follow, despite being written by a molecular biologist – John Medina.

Medina clearly outlines how our brains work, thrive, and need to be exercised. He provides, “12 principles for surviving and thriving at work, home and school.” Each chapter elaborates on the twelve “rules” that he has identified. A deep dive into each one gives you some real action items to keep you brain healthy. The rules are:

  1. Exercise – “exercise boost brain power”
  2. Survival – “the human brain evolved too”
  3. Wiring – “every brain is wired differently”
  4. Attention – “we don’t pay attention to boring things”
  5. Short-term memory – “repeat to remember”
  6. Long-term memory – “remember to repeat”
  7. Sleep – “sleep well, think well”
  8. Stress – “stressed brains don’t learn the same way”
  9. Sensory Integration – “stimulate more of the senses”
  10. Vision – “vision trumps all other senses”
  11. Gender – “male and female brains are different”
  12. Exploration – “we are powerful and natural explorers”
In the past we have reviewed brain games, and even HAPPYneuron, the award-winning, scientifically based brain fitness program. Our longevity prospects are fabulous, and improve constantly with great advances in medicine. However, growing older will not be much fun without a fit body and brain!
Check out the Brain Rules book and review some of the other fun options we have mentioned to sharpen you most important tool!