In the 1st Century, the Roman poet, Juvenal, wrote in Satires, “Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt.”

With the economy still in the tank, entertainment assuages discontent. Timeout from all the angst is a welcome relief; a much needed safety valve for letting off a little steam and distracting us from revolt. Thus, ’tis the season for bread (tailgating) and circuses (football)!

Festivity simply goes with football and we like tailgating for providing us with a like-minded community. The tailgating environment is a powerful social event – a time to cook, talk, and share tailgate recipes, tell funny tailgate stories and eat the great tasting fare.


Even with more and more people getting on the environmentalism bandwagon, it’s still good to remind everyone to leave no trace and do it green from start to finish. Last fall we gave you some tips about how to tailgate sustainably so you can eco-tailgate without the guilt. Try some of our helpful hints and you’ll be well on your way to making your tailgate less of a green disaster.

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