Hooray – the big day is here!

Will we celebrate the end of the ads, the robo-calls, the extra mail…or will we get to celebrate that our candidate won? Either way, it is a day to honor. One of the greatest privileges of being a democracy is the freedom we have to vote for the candidate we believe in. We are not harassed at the polling site or prevented from choosing the candidate with whom our values align.

Social media makes it even more apparent that we are friends with many who do not share our beliefs. It can be shocking to see what others believe in. Though again, this is what makes a democracy great – diversity. Hopefully, it will not also be what stifles progress, as we surely need some.

So, appreciate your neighbor (regardless of their political beliefs), appreciate your right to choose, and later tonight; appreciate that we live in a country that chooses a president!

Happy election day!