With the recent election over, we hope you were one of the millions of American citizens who exercised your right to vote. Voting and liberty to pursue and fulfill personal dreams and goals is taken for granted by too many Americans. Because war is now politically incorrect, many have little or no interest in duty or the sacrifice required to protect freedoms granted by the constitution. Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, you know the stakes are higher than ever before. Last year we shared a WWII veteran’s story about serving his country as one of the “greatest generation.” It’s worthwhile to repeat what we wrote then: With a strong moral compass, they went to war with a common purpose – duty and to protect our liberty. They saved the world for us who came after – the baby boomer generation and all our “nexters.”

Make no mistake; it continues to be a dangerous world out there. Veteran’s Day is an excellent time to step back, reflect and honor all the men and women with “the right stuff” who’ve served and continue to serve to keep war away from America’s front door.