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Looking Back Before Moving Forward

Here’s TCNG’s round-up of the year’s biggest stories and events in the worlds of advanced energy and children and families’ policy.

The Threat to California’s Future Prosperity: Childhood Poverty

New Report Finds 23% of California Kids Living At or Below Poverty Line; 30% of Hispanic Children Impacted; Fresno, Lake, Merced Counties Have Highest Rates

Continue following the progress of TCNG’s Too Small to Fail national movement to focus attention on the need to protect and support America’s kids and the challenges they face in leading healthy, happy, productive lives. ( Twitter hash tag #toosmall).

The Center for the Next Generation is a nonprofit aimed at building support for advanced energy and sustainability and America’s children and families

Ben Davis

“Size matters” and WPI is structured to scale—supporting projects of all sizes—from animated shorts to mega infrastructure projects, and everything in between.

Words Pictures Ideas is one of three agencies in a collective ( — small-medium projects and — large-extra large appetites) who share the same studio space, passion for design, and core values.

An ongoing mega project is the Bay Lights Art Project. The Bay Lights is a light sculpture inspired by the artist Leo Villareal for the 75th anniversary of the Bay Bridge. Villareal, with the support of a technical team, will begin testing and cultivating algorithms on a quarter portion of the Bay Bridge. This is a chance to witness the process as it building up to the illumination and unveiling in a Grand Lighting Ceremony on March 5th. Here’s the link: Testing begins Wednesday night on ‘Bay Lights’ installation on…

This video in another KTVU article shows teams of bridge workers mounting the 25,000 LED lights and control boxes on the vertical cables of the bridge. You also can see the evolution of the project in this slide show: Workers hanging 25,000 LED’s on Bay Bridge. Read this TBL installation story by NBC’s Joe Rosato. Ben says “Joe is doing a great job of telling The Bay Lights story with depth, accuracy and human intrigue. Hat’s off to the Bleyco crew, Leo and especially the amazing Saeed Shahmirzai–one of the true heroes of this project.”

For more information, visit

Linda Faulkner

Linda’s debut mystery novel, Second Time Around, was nominated for a 2012 EPIC Award for Best Mystery/Suspense Fiction.  Set in western Montana, Carl Brookins calls it “…a wild and complicated tale of revenge, years of lies, romance, and, of course murder.” Linda Faulkner is a writer, speaker, and trainer who has published two books, numerous magazine articles, and over 100 insurance continuing education and pre-licensing texts.  Linda also develops, writes, and presents career development seminars, webinars, and workshops.

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