No matter how you say it – HARBowl or SuperBAUGH – Super Bowl XLVII is the battle of the Harbaughs! What a dynasty!

With Colin Kaepernick in command, will the 49ers fulfill their “Quest for Six? Will the Ravens’ “Purple Reign” finally bring home the bacon after the past flameouts?

For those of you who could care less about football, or any sport for that matter, we know you like a good party and a Super Bowl tailgater is the Mardi Gras of parties. Everyone needs to let off steam, and this great American sports tradition is the ticket. The really good news is you can maintain your eco- lifestyle and tailgate too.  With more and more awareness and options for living a sustainable lifestyle, even hardcore tailgaters can leave no trace. If you can’t make it to The Big Easy, wherever you are, make your tailgate green beginning with all the pre-game activities to a wrap-up of Super Bowl XLVII.

Get ready for some football!!!

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